An Open Source Joystick library for SwiftUI, Swift, iOS apps

What's New

Initial Release v1.0.3


Joystick library is ready to be consumed

XY Coordinates
Polar Coordinates
Customizable Base and Handle/Thumb
Ability to add recognizer, or create Joystick view with builder object

SwiftUIJoystick 🕹ī¸

A customizable Joystick made with SwiftUI

Create your own Base and Thumb/Handle view using SwiftUI

SPM CocoaPods License: MIT


  • Customizable background and thumb/foreground
  • Normal Joystick Example
  • Locking Joystick Example
  • Polar or XY Coordinates

#### View these examples to see how to make your own Joystick!

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📲 How to Install 🕹ī¸

Swift Package Manager SPM

Add this repository's URL https://github.com/michael94ellis/SwiftUIJoystick


Add this line to your podfile pod SwiftUIJoystick

🛠 How to use

Example Code:

Ready to Copy, Paste, and Use (after install with SPM or Pods)

// An example Joystick
// Copy this example and modify it

import SwiftUI
import SwiftUIJoystick

public struct Joystick: View {
    /// The monitor object to observe the user input on the Joystick in XY or Polar coordinates
    @ObservedObject public var joystickMonitor: JoystickMonitor
    /// The width or diameter in which the Joystick will report values
    ///  For example: 100 will provide 0-100, with (50,50) being the origin
    private let dragDiameter: CGFloat
    /// Can be `.rect` or `.circle`
    /// Rect will allow the user to access the four corners
    /// Circle will limit Joystick it's radius determined by `dragDiameter / 2`
    private let shape: JoystickShape
    public init(monitor: JoystickMonitor, width: CGFloat, shape: JoystickShape = .rect) {
        self.joystickMonitor = monitor
        self.dragDiameter = width
        self.shape = shape
    public var body: some View {
                monitor: self.joystickMonitor,
                width: self.dragDiameter,
                shape: .rect,
                background: {
                    // Example Background
                    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 8).fill(Color.red.opacity(0.5))
                foreground: {
                    // Example Thumb
                locksInPlace: false)

🛠 How to customize

Start by making a JoystickMonitor

You can subscribe to changes

Use a JoystickBuilder to build your own Joystick Controls' Background/Base and Thumb/Foreground views

Setup a Joystick Monitor

Setup the observer JoystickMonitor and width of the joystick

@StateObject private var monitor = JoystickMonitor(width: 100)
private let draggableDiameter: CGFloat = 100

Option 1

Create the Joystick using the Joystick Builder

Joystick Builder applies the joystickGestureRecognizer

    monitor: self.joystickMonitor,
    width: self.draggableDiameter,
    shape: .rect,
    background: {
        // Example Background
        RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 8).fill(Color.red.opacity(0.5))
    foreground: {
        // Example Thumb
    locksInPlace: false)

Option 2

Create your own Joystick tracking View with the JoystickRecognizer

Apply the joystickGestureRecognizer to any of your views to receive updates on the monitor

    .joystickGestureRecognizer(monitor: self.joystickMonitor, 
                               width: self.width, 
                               shape: self.controlShape,
                               locksInPlace: self.locksInPlace)


parameter type description default
monitor JoyStickMonitor ObservableObect that publishes the Joystick control's XY and Polar coordinates no
width CGFloat The width or diameter of the Joystick control no
Output values will be from 0-width
shape JostickShape The shape of the Joystick's hitbox area, rectangluar or circular Valid input: .rect or .circle no
background some View Any View type input can be put here to create a background for the Joystick no
foreground some View A View for the thumb or foreground of the Joystick no
locksInPlace Bool A bool to determine if the Joystick resets back to the center when release no

👨‍đŸ’ģ Contributors

All issue reports, feature requests, pull requests and GitHub stars are welcomed and much appreciated.

✍ī¸ Author

Michael Ellis

📃 License

SwiftUIJoystick is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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