A super simple, configurable and (optionally) verbose jailbreak detector for iOS.

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A super simple, configurable and (optionally) verbose jailbreak detector for iOS.

JailbreakDetector isn't designed to prevent apps from running on jailbroken devices, or even detect jailbreaks with 100% accuracy. Instead, it focuses on detecting some common signs of a jailbreak, and allows you to interrogate the results to determine why a jailbreak is suspected (which may be useful when debugging unexpected behaviour on jailbroken devices).

You can also customize the jailbreak detector's behaviour using JailbreakDetectorConfiguration for greater control over which parts of the system are probed.

Getting Started

For basic usage, create a JailbreakDetector instance and invoke the isJailbroken() method:

import JailbreakDetector

let detector = JailbreakDetector()
if detector.isJailbroken() {
    print("This device might be jailbroken!")

If you need to dig deeper into the jailbreak detector results, use the detectJailbreak() method, which returns a Result enumeration:

let detector = JailbreakDetector()
switch detector.detectJailbreak() {
case .pass:
    print("Not jailbroken!")
case .fail(let reasons):
    print("Might be jailbroken because:")
    for reason in reasons {
        print("Reason: \(reason)")
case .simulator:
    print("Running in the simulator!")
case .macCatalyst:
    print("Running on macOS!")

For finer control over the jailbreak detector's behaviour, use JailbreakDetectorConfiguration. Note: in most cases you'll want to use the default configuration as-is, or as a baseline, instead of initializing your own configuration from scratch.

// Start with the default configuration.
var configuration = JailbreakDetectorConfiguration.default

// Enable logging.
configuration.loggingEnabled = true

// Disable halt after failure. When disabled, the jailbreak detector will
// continue with its checks even after encountering a failure,
// and the `Result.fail` case may include multiple failure reasons.
configuration.haltAfterFailure = false

// Initialize the jailbreak detector with the custom configuration.
let detector = JailbreakDetector(using: configuration)


JailbreakDetector is available through the Swift Package Manager. To use JailbreakDetector with SPM, add https://github.com/conmulligan/JailbreakDetector.swift.git as a dependency.


JailbreakDetector is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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