πŸ“· A composable image editor using Core Image and Metal.

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What's Changed

  • Add adjustmentKind to CropView.State by @shima11 in #235
  • Add isAutoApplyEditingStackEnabled to SwiftUICropView by @shima11 in #236
  • Cache CroppedImageViews in ImagePreviewView for Improved Performance by @shima11 in #237
  • Fix circular reference in SwiftUICropView by @shima11 in #238
  • Disable HDR Support for Preview Images Only by @shima11 in #239
  • Add Animation Flag to SwiftUICropView by @shima11 in #240
  • Fix crop restoration by @muukii in #242

Full Changelog: 3.0.0-beta.4...3.0.0-beta.5


A full-featured composable image editor with a customizable UI -- all backed by the power of Metal.

Image Editor PhotosCropRotating Face Detection Masking


  • Create your own image editor UI by composing components.
    • Components are built separately and run standalone using an EditingStack.
    • EditingStacks manage editing history and render images. It's like a headless browser!
  • Edit and render using P3 Wide Color Gamut
  • Support for Super Large Photosβ„’ (≀ 12000 pixels).
  • Previews and rendering backed with the power of Metal.
  • Create custom-drawn masks on photos.
  • Drop-in support for your own custom filters using LUTs.
  • Load and download remote images for editing with a URL.
  • Support for both UIKit and SwiftUI.


iOS Target Xcode Version Swift Version
iOS 15.0+ Xcode 15.2+ Swift 5.9+

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πŸŽ‰ v2 Now Available!

There are a few important housekeeping notes for those coming from v1.

  • βš’ Issues are managed in the v2 Project
  • πŸ“Œ Pixel has been renamed Brightroom.
  • πŸ“– Detailed documentation is available on Notion.
  • 🎈 Help Wanted: CoreImage and Metal professionals!
  • ⭐️ If you're interested in v2, star the project to motivate us! 🀠
  • πŸͺ Brightroom's state management is now powered by Verge.


Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", upToNextMajor: "2.2.0")


View the full documentation on Notion.

Built-In UI


import SwiftUI
import BtightroomUIPhotosCrop

struct DemoCropView: View {

  @StateObject var editingStack: EditingStack
  @State var resultImage: ResultImage?

    editingStack: @escaping () -> EditingStack
  ) {
    self._editingStack = .init(wrappedValue: editingStack())

  var body: some View {
    ZStack {

      VStack {
        PhotosCropRotating(editingStack: { editingStack })

        Button("Done") {
          let image = try! editingStack.makeRenderer().render().cgImage
          self.resultImage = .init(cgImage: image)
    .onAppear {




Demo & Full App

There is an entire open-source and production-ready app available on the App Store that uses Brightroom. It's called Drip.

This repository also contains a demo app which demonstrates what Brightroom can perform and showcases some easy experiments. Clone this repo and build the project to try it out!


Brightroom is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


FOSSA Status


  • Swift Tools 5.9.0
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