Swift Package client for the GitHub GraphQL API V4

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GitHub GraphQL API V4 client

This is a client for the GitHub GraphQL API V4.

Note: This client is in very early stages and currently has extremely limited functionality:

  • Retrieve version tag for lastest release from a given repository.
  • Retrieve list of open pull requests from a given repository.


Initialize a client passing in a valid GitHub access token:

let token = "your_token"
let github = GitHub(token: token)

Retrieve latest release version of a given project:

let version = try github.latestRelease(owner: "eneko", project: "SourceDocs")
print(version)  // 0.5.0

Retrieve list of open pull requests on a given project:

let pullRequests = try github.openPullRequests(owner: "eneko", project: "SourceDocs")
print(pullRequests.count) // 0


  • Swift Tools 5.0.0
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