Scale types usable for visualization, inspired by D3

What's New

Initial Scale release


The code in this release was previously included in SwiftViz. In order to re-order things so that SwiftViz is the overall collection, it was useful to move this code into it's own a repository and Swift module so that other packages under this organization (Chart) could use it and then later also be collected into the overall setup under SwiftViz.

Related issues have been migrated to this repository and doc links updated.

The release is functional, but the API structure is far from certain, with some additional scales and usage considerations I'd like to include before I get close to calling this a 1.0 release. (See #1, #2, #4, and #5 in particular).

The code within this package includes a Scale concept, implemented with Swift generics - as well as the algorithms for generating "nice" values for more convenient visualization results, and ticks for labeling a visual axis that might be associated with the scale.




Scale and related types to support creating visualizations. Loosely based on the APIs and mechanisms created by Mike Bostock and contributors to D3.js

Build and test

git clone https://github.com/swiftviz/scale
cd scale
swift test -v


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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