Implementation of Encoder and Decoder Protocols targeting libxpc


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This provides an Encoder and Decoder protocol implementation that should allow users to target libxpc. This is only available on macOS as libxpc is not supported on other platforms.


The usage is very simple, your types should conform to Codable, Decodable, or Encodable depending the semantics you want. Then you should use the provided XPCEncoder.encode and XPCDecoder.decode static functions to marshal and unmarshal from and to native xpc_object_t respectively. A short minimal example is provided below.

struct TestStruct {
    let opinion = "XPC is awesome!"

let value = TestStruct()
let payload = try! XPCEncoder.encode(value)
let decoded = try! XPCDecoder.decode(payload)

assert(value == decoded)

However, it is worth noting that this API is not sufficient to write correct XPC code in Swift. You will need to provide a correct xpc_main and manage your transactions using the existing abstractions provided by the SDK. Specifically, this API does not support reply dictionaries.

Again, this library is only meant to be used as a way to reduce boilerplate around writing marshalling code for Swift types and cannot be used without the usual libxpc APIs provided by the macOS SDK.

Dependencies and Distribution

This package is distributed solely using SwiftPM. As far as I know this has no dependencies apart from the standard macOS SDK, but if you find something let me know.


  • Swift Tools 4.2.0
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