Basic Dropbox HTTP API client that does not depend on Dropbox's SDK

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Swift Dropbox Client

Swift v5.8 platforms iOS, macOS

Basic Dropbox HTTP API client that does not depend on Dropbox's SDK. No external dependencies.

  • Authorize access
  • List folder
  • Get file metadata
  • Upload file
  • Download file
  • Delete file

📖 Usage

Use Swift Package Manager to add the DropboxClient library as a dependency to your project.

Register your application in Dropbox App Console.

Configure your app so that it can handle sign-in redirects. For an iOS app, you can do it by adding or modifying CFBundleURLTypes in Info.plist:


Create the client:

import DropboxClient

let client = DropboxClient.Client.live(
  config: .init(
    appKey: "abcd1234",
    redirectURI: "db-abcd1234://my-app"

Make sure the redirectURI contains the scheme defined earlier.

The package provides a basic implementation for storing vulnerable data securely in the keychain. Optionally, you can provide your own, custom implementation of a keychain, instead of using the default one.

import DropboxClient

let keychain = DropboxClient.Keychain(
  loadCredentials: { () async -> DropboxClient.Credentials? in
    // load from secure storage and return
  saveCredentials: { (DropboxClient.Credentials) async -> Void in
    // save in secure storage
  deleteCredentials: { () async -> Void in
    // delete from secure storage
let client = DropboxClient.Client.live(
  config: .init(...),
  keychain: keychain

▶️ Example

This repository contains an example iOS application built with SwiftUI.

  • Open DropboxClient.xcworkspace in Xcode.
  • Example source code is contained in the Example Xcode project.
  • Run the app using the DropboxClientExampleApp build scheme.
  • The "Example" tab provides UI that uses DropboxClient library.
  • The "Console" tab provides UI for browsing application logs and HTTP requests.

The example app uses Dependencies to manage its own internal dependencies. For more information about the Dependencies library check out official documentation.

🏛 Project structure

DropboxClient (Xcode Workspace)
 ├─ swift-dropbox-client (Swift Package)
 |   └─ DropboxClient (Library)
 └─ Example (Xcode Project)
     └─ DropboxClientExampleApp (iOS Application)

🛠 Develop

  • Use Xcode (version ≥ 14.3.1).
  • Clone the repository or create a fork & clone it.
  • Open DropboxClient.xcworkspace in Xcode.
  • Use the DropboxClient scheme for building the library and running unit tests.
  • If you want to contribute, create a pull request containing your changes or bug fixes. Make sure to include tests for new/updated code.

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📄 License

Copyright © 2023 Dariusz Rybicki Darrarski

License: MIT


  • Swift Tools 5.8.0
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