SwiftUIKit contains additional functionality for SwiftUI.

What's New


This version requires Xcode 13 and later, since it refers to the latest api:s.

Parts of the library that have native corresponding parts in newer versions of SwiftUI, like SearchBar. They will be around until the library targets the versions of SwiftUI where they were introduced.

New features

  • Color+Codable is a new extension that makes Color codable.
  • Color+Random now lets you randomize the color opacity as well.
  • EnvironmentValues+SafeAreaInsets lets you read the safe are insets of the key window.
  • FormActionButton can now be provided with a custom style.
  • FormActionButtonStyle can now be configured with a custom style.
  • MenuListIcon has a new emoji-based initializer.
  • MenuListItem now lets you use any custom content builder.
  • MenuListItemStack is a new view that lets you reuse the spacing and tap behavior.
  • MenuListSection is a new view for menu list sections.
  • MenuListSlider is a new view for menu list sliders.
  • MenuListSubtitle is a new view for menu list subtitles.
  • MenuListToggle is a new view for menu list toggles.
  • MultilineText is a new text view that can be used when a multiline text is cut off with ...
  • MultiPicker is a new, generic multi item picker. It will probably replace SimpleMultiPicker in due time.
  • Persisted now lets you inject a custom store.
  • Picker is a new, generic single item picker. It will probably replace SimplePicker in due time.
  • PickerListItem is a new protocol that can be used in Picker lists.
  • PickerSection is a new, generic struct that can be used to divide a Picker and MultiPicker into sections.
  • ShadowStyle has a new formActionButton type.
  • ShadowStyle has zero defaults for x and y.
  • SystemColor has a bunch of new colors.
  • SystemColor is now Codable and Equatable.
  • Text+Markdown is a new view extension that provides a new Text(markdown:) initializer.
  • UrlSharing is a new protocol that any view can implement to easily be able to share urls.
  • View+Autosave is a new view extension that provides a customizable autosave view modifier.

💡 Behavior changes

  • FormActionButtonStyle no longer applies a primary text color.
  • FormActionButtonStyle no longer applies a shadow by default. You can define one with the static shadowStyle property.

💥 Breaking Changes

  • All deprecated parts of the library have been removed.
  • MenuListItemIcon has been renamed to MenuListIcon.
  • SystemColor no longer auto-implements SimplePickerValue.
  • UserDefaultsPersisted has been renamed to Persisted.

Version Swift UI Swift 5.3 MIT License Twitter: @danielsaidi

About SwiftUIKit

SwiftUIKit adds extra functionality to SwiftUI, like extensions to existing types and completely new views, pickers, utilites, services etc.

SwiftUIKit is divided into these areas:

  • Blurs
  • Cameras
  • Data
  • Extensions
  • Files
  • Gestures
  • Navigation
  • Pickers
  • Presentation
  • Sharing
  • Styles
  • Views

You can explore the various sections in the demo app.

Demo App

This project contains a demo app that lets you explore SwiftUIKit through interactive demos.

The demo app provides an intuitive way to explore the library. Together with the extensive documentation and SwiftUI previews, I hope you'll find it easy to understand how the various parts of the library works.

To run the demo app, just open and run the Demo/Demo.xcodeproj project. It's a universal app project, but the macOS app is currenty not working that well.


Swift Package Manager



pod DSSwiftUIKit

Note that you have to use import DSSwiftUIKit when you use CocoaPods. The name SwiftUIKit was (not surprisingly) already taken.

Contact me

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or if you want to contribute in any way:

Sponsors and Clients

This project is proudly sponsored by the following individuals:

You can support my work by sponsoring the project on GitHub Sponsors or hiring me for consultation. I'd be happy to help you out in any way that I can.


SwiftUIKit is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for more info.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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