A protocol-independent and format-agnostic Swift library for performing one-way and two-way data transactions

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A protocol-independent and format-agnostic Swift library for performing one-way and two-way data transactions.

CleanroomDataTransactions is part of the Cleanroom Project from Gilt Tech.

Swift compatibility

This is the master branch. It uses Swift 4.0 and requires Xcode 9.0 to compile.

Current status

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CleanroomDataTransactions is distributed under the MIT license.

CleanroomDataTransactions is provided for your use—free-of-charge—on an as-is basis. We make no guarantees, promises or apologies. Caveat developer.

Adding CleanroomDataTransactions to your project

Carthage compatible

The simplest way to integrate CleanroomDataTransactions is with the Carthage dependency manager.

First, add this line to your Cartfile:

github "emaloney/CleanroomDataTransactions" ~> 4.0.0

Then, use the carthage command to update your dependencies.

Finally, you’ll need to integrate CleanroomDataTransactions into your project in order to use the API it provides.

Once successfully integrated, just add the following statement to any Swift file where you want to use CleanroomDataTransactions:

import CleanroomDataTransactions

See the Integration document for additional details on integrating CleanroomDataTransactions into your project.

API documentation

For detailed information on using CleanroomDataTransactions, API documentation is available.


The Cleanroom Project began as an experiment to re-imagine Gilt’s iOS codebase in a legacy-free, Swift-based incarnation.

Since then, we’ve expanded the Cleanroom Project to include multi-platform support. Much of our codebase now supports tvOS in addition to iOS, and our lower-level code is usable on macOS and watchOS as well.

Cleanroom Project code serves as the foundation of Gilt on TV, our tvOS app featured by Apple during the launch of the new Apple TV. And as time goes on, we'll be replacing more and more of our existing Objective-C codebase with Cleanroom implementations.

In the meantime, we’ll be tracking the latest releases of Swift & Xcode, and open-sourcing major portions of our codebase along the way.


CleanroomDataTransactions is in active development, and we welcome your contributions.

If you’d like to contribute to this or any other Cleanroom Project repo, please read the contribution guidelines.


API documentation is generated using Realm’s jazzy project, maintained by JP Simard and Samuel E. Giddins.


  • Swift Tools 3.1.0
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