A download manager for screens, handles cache and resumes downloads

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Includes now DefaultDownloadInteractor


A download manager with pure swift code.

Stores to device's file system and keeps track of active, completed and interrupted downloads.

The code provides a general structure for download and current version has implementation for:

  • ImageDownloaderInteractor
  • EntityDownloadInteractor
  • DefaultDownloadInteractor

Sample usage of ImageDownloaderInteractor:

import swift_download_manager
// ...
override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
   ImageDownloaderInteractor().getOrDownloadImage(remoteUrl: url) { result in
         switch result {
            case let .success(image):
            // use image
            case let .failure(error):
            // handle error

For such cases ImageDownloaderInteractor will try to start or resume an interrupted download of the image based on the given url.

Sample usage of DefaultDownloadInteractor:

import swift_download_manager
// ...
final class YourCustomDownloadInteractor {
  private let defaultDownloadInteractor = DefaultDownloadInteractor() // you should use protocols 😄 and dependency injection for testing
  // `YourSomething` can be anything you like an UIImage, a PDF whatever you need to download, etc
  // you would just need to use the local url provided in the completion of DefaultDownloadManager to cast/load 
  func getOrDownloadSomething(remoteUrl url: URL, completion: @escaping (Result<YourSomething>, DownloadError)) {
     defaultDownloadManager.getOrDownload(remoteUrl: url) { result in 
     // here for example URL is used to create a Data object and based on that get an UIImage
          result.map { url in
             (try? Data(contentsOf: url)).map { UIImage(data: $0)}


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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