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Added base functionality of version checking from multiple version data providers.



NerdzAppUpdates is library that provide user posibility to check if currently installed version is up to date with distribution service.

Library supports two types of updates hard updates, and soft updates.

App supports multiple types of version providers:

  • AppStoreVersionProvider - that uses Itunes lookup api, to retreive current AppStore version of the app and than perform version check.
  • BackendVersionProvider - that provides ability for user to retreive current required and recommended versions of the app from your server.
  • FirebaseVersionProvider - that uses Firebase remote config to retreive current required and recommended versions of the app.

AppStoreVersionProvider is build to work with Semantic Versioning system. Hard update is triggered when app major number is different. For example, 1.0.0 - installed version and 2.0.0 - store provided. Soft update is triggered when app minor number is diffent. For example, 0.2.0 - installed version and 0.3.0 - store provided. When using BackendVersionProvider and FirebaseVersionProvider you can set required and recommendd version on your server by your own.


You can install this library using Swift Package Manager. To install AppStoreVersionProvider use provider/appstore branch. To install BackendVersionProvider use provider/backend or master branch. To install FirebaseVersionProvider use provider/firebase branch.

Use examples

Example of use AppStoreVersionProvider with custom loading indication.

import NerdzAppUpdates // Line 1
import UIKit

class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {
    var window: UIWindow?
    private lazy var appStoreVersionProvider = AppStoreVersionProvider(country: .germany) // Line 2
    private lazy var versionVerifyer: VersionVerifier =  { // Line 3
        let verifier = VersionVerifier(
            versionDataProvider: appStoreVersionProvider,
            loadingIndicationMode: .screen(LoaderScreen()), // Line 4
            softUpdateMode: .screen(SoftUpdateScreen(), true), // Line 5
            hardUpdateMode: .screen(HardUpdateScreen()) // Line 6
        return verifier

    func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey : Any]? = nil) -> Bool {
        verifyVersions() // Line 7
        return true
    private func verifyVersions() {
        versionVerifyer.verifyVersion(completion: { [weak self] result in // Line 8
            switch result {
            case .success(): break
            case .failure(let error):
                self?.showError(error.localizedDescription) // Line 9

Let's go through some important lines of code of above mentioned snippet.

  • Line 1 - import library
  • Line 2 - initializition of version provider
  • Line 3 - version verifier object initialization
  • Line 4 - passing custom screen for loading indication, typicaly is copy of app launch storyboard with loading indicator
  • Line 5 - passing soft update configuration, where SoftUpdateScreen() is screen that provides user posibility to open app distribution service, or skip an update, and animated - is boolean option to animate dissapearing of screen mentioned above or not
  • Line 6 - passing hard update configuration with screen which should be displayed in case hard update is needed
  • Line 7 - calling a use defined function to trigger start of version verification
  • Line 8 - calling library function
  • Line 9 - displaying error in case of verification check

Warning, posible errors.

  1. Make sure to store reference to versionVerifier object, so this object won't be deinited before the version check is completed.
  2. In case you'r using AppStoreVersionProvider and your app is not included in USA app store, please specifie country in version provider initializer. You can see list of available countries in AppStoreCountry file.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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