Windows Metadata Parser in Swift


An ECMA 335 parser in Swift

Windows Status

Windows Metadata provides the necessary metadata for Windows APIs to enable generating bindings for different languages. In order to generate the bindings, one must be able to process the metadata. Swift/WinMD provides an implementation of such a parser in Swift.

Build Requirements

  • Swift 5.4 Snapshot

This project uses the 5.4 snapshot as it requires Swift Package Manager, which is only available since 5.4 on Windows. This ensures that we have the same supported language on all platforms.


Debugging on Windows

For debugging the Swift application code, it is easier to debug using LLDB and DWARF. In such a case, you will need to build the application as follows to enable the debug information:

swift build -Xlinker -debug:dwarf


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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