Library of pre-defined colors for SwiftUIs Color paradigm

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Colors is designed to provide a quick and convenient way to access a range of colors via SwiftUI's Color object. Inspiration for this package came from Chakra UI's color definitions:

## Usage

    import Colors
    // ...
    Text("Hello, World").background(Color.gray100)


This package is designed to work with SwiftUI and it's Color object. Your project must make use of SwiftUI to make use of this package. In addition, the Color paradigm was introduced in the following OS versions:

  1. iOS 13.0
  2. watchOS 6.0
  3. macOS 10.15
  4. tvOS 13.0

Available Colors

Name Color
facebook300 a
facebook900 a
facebook600 a
facebook100 a
facebook800 a
facebook500 a
facebook700 a
facebook50 a
facebook400 a
facebook200 a
red300 a
red200 a
red600 a
red100 a
red50 a
red900 a
red700 a
red800 a
red400 a
red500 a
blue100 a
blue500 a
blue50 a
blue400 a
blue700 a
blue600 a
blue200 a
blue300 a
blue800 a
blue900 a
green200 a
green900 a
green500 a
green800 a
green400 a
green600 a
green300 a
green50 a
green100 a
green700 a
messenger600 a
messenger400 a
messenger500 a
messenger50 a
messenger200 a
messenger700 a
messenger800 a
messenger900 a
messenger100 a
messenger300 a
yellow200 a
yellow900 a
yellow400 a
yellow100 a
yellow50 a
yellow300 a
yellow600 a
yellow700 a
yellow800 a
yellow500 a
telegram500 a
telegram300 a
telegram200 a
telegram900 a
telegram100 a
telegram600 a
telegram800 a
telegram700 a
telegram50 a
telegram400 a
linkedin50 a
linkedin100 a
linkedin900 a
linkedin300 a
linkedin400 a
linkedin500 a
linkedin600 a
linkedin200 a
linkedin800 a
linkedin700 a
twitter500 a
twitter600 a
twitter800 a
twitter200 a
twitter400 a
twitter100 a
twitter300 a
twitter900 a
twitter700 a
twitter50 a
teal400 a
teal800 a
teal100 a
teal200 a
teal300 a
teal600 a
teal900 a
teal500 a
teal50 a
teal700 a
gray700 a
gray50 a
gray400 a
gray900 a
gray600 a
gray200 a
gray500 a
gray100 a
gray300 a
gray800 a
orange300 a
orange50 a
orange200 a
orange600 a
orange400 a
orange100 a
orange500 a
orange800 a
orange900 a
orange700 a
pink700 a
pink800 a
pink200 a
pink300 a
pink900 a
pink50 a
pink600 a
pink100 a
pink500 a
pink400 a
whatsapp500 a
whatsapp50 a
whatsapp700 a
whatsapp100 a
whatsapp300 a
whatsapp200 a
whatsapp900 a
whatsapp800 a
whatsapp600 a
whatsapp400 a
purple800 a
purple600 a
purple300 a
purple50 a
purple900 a
purple200 a
purple100 a
purple500 a
purple700 a
purple400 a
cyan700 a
cyan800 a
cyan300 a
cyan200 a
cyan100 a
cyan400 a
cyan600 a
cyan500 a
cyan50 a
cyan900 a


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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