A Swift package to perform fuzzy search queries on strings

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A Swift package with utilities to perform fuzzy search, using a modified version of the Smith-Waterman algorithm. This implementation is a port from the Haskell version implemented by RĂșnar Bjarnason.


This package includes two core functions: bestMatch and fuzzyFind.

With bestMatch, you can find the best alignment of your query into a single string, if any alignment is possible:

import FuzzyFind 

let alignment = bestMatch(query: "ff", input: "FuzzyFind") // Matches
let noAlignment = bestMatch(query: "ww", input: FuzzyFind") // Not possible to find a match, returns nil

With fuzzyFind, you can run multiple queries over multiple inputs, and get all alignments for inputs that match all provided queries. Alignments will be provided in an array and sorted by their score; a higher score means a better alignment.

import FuzzyFind

let allAlignments = fuzzyFind(queries: ["dad", "mac", "dam"], inputs: ["red macadamia", "Madam Card"])


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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