iOS Client written in Swift for Flagsmith. Ship features with confidence using feature flags and remote config. Host yourself or use our hosted version at https://www.flagsmith.com/

What's New

Version 3.6.0


What's Changed

  • Fix: Tone down the concurrency test to ensure running on build servers by @gazreese in #47
  • Ci/add swift lint and swiftformat by @gazreese in #53
  • Feature/strict concurrency split by @gazreese in #51
  • Privacy manifest inclusion for SPM and Cocoapods by @gazreese in #55
  • Bump Cocoapods to 3.6.0 in readiness for 3.6.0 release by @gazreese in #56

Full Changelog: 3.5.0...3.6.0

Flagsmith iOS SDK

Flagsmith allows you to manage feature flags and remote config across multiple projects, environments and organisations.

The SDK for iOS and Swift applications for https://www.flagsmith.com/.

Adding to your project

For full documentation visit https://docs.flagsmith.com/clients/ios/


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.

We use SwiftLint and SwiftFormat to keep our code consistent.

To run swiftformat on the project run the following command:

swift package plugin swiftformat

To run swiftlint on the project please check out the documentation above to install the linter with your preferred method of integration. The linter will run on the project when the PR is raised, so it's worth checking beforehand.

Getting Help

If you encounter a bug or feature request we would like to hear about it. Before you submit an issue please search existing issues in order to prevent duplicates.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our projects you can email support@flagsmith.com.

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  • Swift Tools 5.9.0
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