A set of extensions and utilities to work with CoreVideo types.

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A set of extensions and utilities to work with CoreVideo types.


While debuging Core Video objects, you need to understand what pixel format is used in them. To do this using vanilla API you are forced to find a mathing OSType value, because OSType if basically a number. This project uses CVPixelFormat enum istead of vanilla OSType public vars which is much more handy, and you can easyly get a description of a current pixel format.

let cvPixelFormat: CVPixelFormat = cvPixelBuffer.cvPixelFormat
let description = cvPixelFormat.description

Swifty API

There are a lot Swift wrappers over vanilla CVPixelBuffer C-style API:

Vanilla API:

let width = CVPixelBufferGetWidth(cvPixelBuffer)
let height = CVPixelBufferGetHeight(cvPixelBuffer)

// ...

let bytesPerElement = IOSurfaceGetBytesPerRow(ioSurface)
let bytesPerRow = IOSurfaceGetBytesPerRow(ioSurface)

Swifty API:

let width = cvPixelBuffer.width
let height = cvPixelBuffer.height

// ...

let bytesPerElement = ioSurface.bytesPerElement
let bytesPerRow = ioSurface.bytesPerRow

CVReturn Result & CVError

There are some functions in Core Video that return a code which helps if the operation succeeded. This project aims to simplify this error checking. CVReturn Result and CVError types are used to wrap vanilla API with thowable functions.

Vanilla API:

let returnCode = CVPixelBufferLockBaseAddress(cvPixelBuffer, lockFlags)
guard returnCode == kCVReturnSuccess else { // handle the error ...

Swifty API:

try cvPixelBuffer.lockBaseAddress(lockFlags: lockFlags)


  • Swift Tools 5.4.0
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