Arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic in Swift

What's New

Release 1.17.0


About BigInt release 1.17.0:

  1. The functionality and API is unchanged from release 1.16.0

  2. The documentation has been restructured


The BigInt package provides arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic in Swift. Its functionality falls in the following categories:

  • Arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, remainder and modulus, gcd and lcm
  • Comparison: the six standard operations == != < <= > >=
  • Shifting: logical left shift and rigth shift
  • Logical: bitwise and, or, xor, and not
  • Modulo: normal modulus, inverse modulus, and modular exponentiation
  • Conversion: to double, to integer, to string, to magnitude byte array, and to 2's complement byte array
  • Primes: prime number testing, probable prime number generation and primorial
  • Miscellaneous: random number generation, n-th root, square root modulo an odd prime, Jacobi symbol, Kronecker symbol, Factorial function, Binomial function, Fibonacci numbers, Lucas numbers and Bernoulli numbers
  • Fractions: Standard arithmetic on fractions whose numerators and denominators are of unbounded size

BigInt requires Swift 5.0. It also requires that the Int and UInt types be 64 bit types.

Its documentation is build with the DocC plugin and published on GitHub Pages at this location:

The documentation is also available in the BigInt.doccarchive file.

Please note: Due to a bug in the DocC plugin, clicking on certain BInt and BFraction operators in GitHub Pages (f.ex. < and | ) will show the message

The page you're looking for can't be found.

The BigInt.doccarchive file contains the correct documentation.

It is emphasized that it is only the documentation that's in error. The operators themselves work correctly.


  • Swift Tools 5.9.0
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