:snowman: A Swift wrapper over the Porter Stemmer 2 / libstemmer

PorterStemmer2 (Swift)

CIStatus Platform Swift 4 support

A Swift wrapper over the Porter Stemmer 2 stemming algorithm, using the official C-ANSI libstemmer library. This offers stemming with every language supported by the libstemmer library and its algorithms.

For more info regarding Porter Stemmer, visit :

📦 Installation

This project is compatible with Swift 4.2, iOS/macOS.

Using the Swift-Package-Manager:

Add this repo as a dependency in your Package.swift file.

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "MyApp",
    dependencies: [
	.package(url: "https://github.com/scaraux/Swift-Porter-Stemmer-2.git", from: "0.1.1"),
    targets: [
            name: "MyApp",
            dependencies: ["PorterStemmer2"]),

Using CocoaPods

Add the following line to your Podfile, and run pod install.


😏 Usage

if  let stemmer = PorterStemmer(withLanguage: .English) {
   let stem:  String  = stemmer.stem("engineering")

😍 Credits

The libstemmer library, Snowball, Porter Stemmer and Porter Stemmer 2 are open-source libraries that have been developed by Martin Porter. For more information visit http://snowball.tartarus.org. This project is only a wrapper that makes compiling and using the Stemmer algorithm with a Swift environment.

🚔 License

Swift-Porter-Stemmer-2 is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


  • Swift Tools 4.2.0
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