An open source library that provides extensions to SwiftUI libraries that help with scroll views

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SwiftUIScroll Library


An open source library that provides extensions to SwiftUI libraries that help with scroll views.

Developed as re-usable components for various projects at XII's iOS, macOS, and watchOS applications.


Swift Package Manager

  1. In Xcode, select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.
  2. Follow the prompts using the URL for this repository
  3. Select the SwiftUIScroll library to add to your project



See the LICENSE file.

An expanded ScrollViewState (Source)

struct ScrollViewState {
  let proxy: ScrollViewProxy

  let scrollOffset: CGPoint

  let isScrolling: Bool

  let cancelScrolling: () -> Void

Represents the current state of a ScrollView, including:

  • a reference to its ScrollViewProxy
  • its current offset as a CGPoint (from the upper/left corner)
  • whether the ScrollView is actively scrolling, including deceleration
  • a reference to a function that when invoked will cancel the current scroll operation

Receiving a ScrollViewState (Source)

struct ScrollViewWithFeedback<Content : View> : View {
    _ axes: Axis.Set = .vertical,
    showsIndicators: Bool = true,
    @ViewBuilder contentBuilder: @escaping (ScrollViewState) -> Content

  var body: some View { get }

A view similar to ScrollViewReader providing not only the ScrollViewProxy but also the scroll view's current offset and scrolling state. Unlike ScrollViewReader, this view acts as a ScrollView itself with the content being rendered as the scroll view content.

Example Usage

struct FooView : View {
  var body : some View {
    ScrollViewWithFeedback { state in
      ForEach(0...100, id: \.self) { index in
        Text("Item: \(index)")
      .onChange(of: state.scrollOffset) { position in
        print("OFFSET: \(position)")

FeatheredScrollView (Source)

struct FeatheredScrollView<Content : View> : View {
    maxFeatheredPercent: CGFloat = 0.05,
    @ViewBuilder content: @escaping (ScrollViewState) -> Content

  var body: some View { get }

A specialized ScrollView that applies a feathered mask to its content as the user begins to scroll upwards. The maximum amount of feathering is limited to requested % of the view's height (defaults at 5%).


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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