Talk to LinkerKit components using an IRC bot


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A SwiftNIO IRC based bot which can talk to LinkerKit components using SwiftyLinkerKit.


This Swift package contains the LinkerKitIRCBot as a module which can be included into other software, and the lkircbot tool, which starts up a MiniIRC server.

The lkircbot runs an IRC server on port 6667, and it runs a HTTP/WebSocket server on ort 1337. By connecting to it using http://zpi3.local:1337/ (adjust the hostname), you get a simple web IRC client included in the server.

You can either send direct messages to the bot using /msg lkbot command, e.g. /msg lkbot show clock, or you can use the #linkerbot channel, which the linkerbot watches.

When you want to run the lkircbot, you need to modify the source to include your specific LinkerKit setup!

The example setup is this:

let shield = LKRBShield.default

let lkDigi    = LKDigi()
let lkButtons = LKButton2()
let lkPIR     = LKPIR()
let lkTemp    = LKTemp(interval: 60, valueType: .celsius)

shield.connect(lkDigi,    to: .digital45)
shield.connect(lkButtons, to: .digital2122)
shield.connect(lkPIR,     to: .digital1213)
shield.connect(lkTemp,    to: .analog23)

So we have the 7-segment LK-Digi on socket digital 4/5, the LK-Buttons-2 on socket digital 21/22, the LK-PIR on socket digital 12/13, and finally the temperature sensor LK-Temp on the analog socket 2/3.


LinkerKitIRCBot is brought to you by AlwaysRightInstitute. We like feedback, GitHub stars, cool contract work, presumably any form of praise you can think of.

There is a channel on the Swift-ARM Slack.


  • Swift Tools 4.0.0
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