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  • Loosen requirement of update on ContentContainer from QueryableModel to KeyPathQueryable

🐈 MeowVapor

MeowVapor bridges Meow to Vapor and provides awesome helpers for creating a Meow based Vapor app/API.

Add the dependency

.package(url: "", from: "2.0.0")

Add MeowVapor as a dependency via SPM and run swift package update.

Setting up

Add Meow to your Vapor services. Be sure to change the MongoDB URI to point to your server.

let meow = try MeowProvider(uri: "mongodb://localhost/MyDatabase")
try services.register(meow)

Using MeowVapor

router.get { request -> Future<[User]> in
   let context = try request.make(Meow.Context.self)
   return context.find(User.self).getAllResults()

Creating models

When creating a Model you need to conform your class to Model. The only requirement is that you add a property to your model with a key of _id and is not a computed property.

final class User: Model {
  var _id = ObjectId()

You can use any type for the _id key as long as it's a standard BSON Primitive type including:

  • ObjectId
  • String
  • Double
  • Int
  • Int32
  • Binary / Data

The following is completely legitimate:

// Stores the username in _id
final class User: Model {
  var _id: String
  var username: String {
    return _id

By default the model name will be used for the collection name. You can customize this with a static let collectionName: String

final class User: Model {
  // Changes the collection name from `User` to `users`
  static let collectionName = "users"

  var _id = ObjectId()


Queries reside within the Context.


final class Article: Model {
  var _id = ObjectId()
  let creator: Reference<User>
  var title: String
  var text: String

The above demonstrates how a simple reference can be created to another model. In this case a User model. And below demonstrates resolving the reference.

let resolvedUser = article.creator.resolve(in: context)

The result in this case is an EventLoopFuture<User>, but if you wish to resolve the reference's target to nil if it doesn't exist you can simply do article.creator.resolveIfPresent(in: context).

You're also able to delete the target of the reference using reference.deleteTarget(in: context). This implies that resolving the normal way (not with ifPresent) will result in a failure.

Unsupported MongoDB features

If a feature is unsupported by Meow, for example when it can't be type-safe, you can always fall back to MongoKitten.

let database: MongoKitten.Database = context.manager.database

🐈 Community

Join our slack here and become a part of the welcoming community.

⭐️ Features

  • Boilerplate-free
  • So easy it will make you purr, or have your money back!
  • Awesome type-safe and autocompleted queries
  • Support for custom MongoDB queries
  • Easy migrations to a new model version
  • Supports your own types (like structs and enums) and common types (like String, Int and Date) out of the box using Codable


  • Swift Tools 4.2.0
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