Simple Firebase Examples!

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This repository has been archived and is no longer maintained.

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These are legacy Firebase example (for SDK 2.x.x). You probably want to use one of the up-to-date examples at https://firebase.google.com/docs/samples

Firebase Examples

A set of single-page examples demonstrating the use of Firebase. The following examples are included:

  • Drawing - share a canvas with other users and draw together
  • Chat - an easy-to-integrate chatroom for your site
  • Presence - show who is available, who is idle, and who is gone
  • Leaderboard - see who is winning and how it changes as scores come in
  • Multiplayer Tetris - play head-to-head Tetris in your browser

Getting Started with Firebase

These examples use Firebase to store and sync data. You can sign up here for a free account.

Live Demos

All of these examples can be downloaded and run a live website in a few seconds using Firebase Hosting and the Firebase Tools. First, you need to download firebase-tools:

npm install -g firebase-tools

Then, choose a template from the bootstrap list:

firebase bootstrap

Once the template is downloaded, cd to the created directory and deploy to Firebase Hosting:

firebase deploy

You can then view the example on your web browser by running:

firebase open


  • Swift Tools
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