A UIView which points at a RealityKit Entity from screenspace

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RKPointPin is a UIView which sticks to an ARView and points at a chosen entity within the scene, with options to hide the pin when near the center of the screen, or perform any custom actions.

Swift Package Manager Swift 5.2

RKPointPin Example

Minimum Requirements

  • Swift 5.2
  • iOS 13.0 (RealityKit)
  • Xcode 11.4

Swift Package Manager

Add the URL of this repository to your Xcode 11+ Project.



See the Example for a full working example as can be seen in the GIF above

Once you create your RKPointPin, add it to your ARView, and then choose your target Entity.

Doing so may look similar to this:

let rkPin = RKPointPin()
rkPin.targetEntity = boxEntity

By default the RKPointPin will be visible all the time, but if you want the pin to hide when in the center, set the focusPercentage to a value ranging from 0 to 1. If focusPercentage is set to 1, then the pin will only appear when the targetEntity is outside of the view, as everything from the edges inwards is considered the focus area.


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0
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