An Algorithm For Instant Search

WZQInstantSearch - An Algorithm For Instant Search

WZQInstantSearch in a swift module designed for searching local documents with user-typed keywords in realtime.


  • Init A WZQInstantSearch instance with all your texts

An instance of WZQInstantSearch would build an improved Trie behind the scene and construct an index for further search.

let texts = ["An apple a day keeps the doctor away", "whose your daday", "I feel on top of world"]
let wzq = WZQInstantSearch(texts)

For now, you can use wzq for any further search requirement.

  • Use exposed Search function to search related texts with your typed keywords

Suppose You just want to search something related with Apple, you just start typing An App, etc. You can use wzq instance to search as follows:

let found = wzq.search("An App")

If as expected, the found will be an array with An apple a day keeps the doctor away in it.

How does it work

In a nutshell, we use a combination of Trie and Index Array to develop this algorithm.

First Part: Build Trie with given texts

  • Preprocess both search keywords and local texts
  • Split long sentences into separate single words
  • Calculate the significance of each word.

Second Part: Search by both whole text search and prefix search

  • To be clarified, we regarded your last sequences of characters as prefix rather than a complete word.


  • Swift Tools 4.0.0
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