In-app purchases and subscriptions made easy. Support for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and Mac.

What's New



New Features


  • HTTPClient: don't assume error responses are JSON (#2529) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • OfferingsManager: return Offerings from new disk cache when server is down (#2495) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • OfferingsManager: don't consider timeouts as configuration errors (#2493) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

Performance Improvements

  • Perf: CustomerInfoManager.fetchAndCacheCustomerInfoIfStale no longer fetches data if stale (#2508) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

Other Changes

  • Integration Tests: workaround for XCTest crash after a test failure (#2532) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • CircleCI: save test archive on loadshedder-integration-tests (#2530) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • SK2StoreProduct: simplify currencyCode extraction (#2485) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • PurchaseTesterSwiftUI: added visual feedback for purchase success/failure (#2519) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • PurchaseTesterSwiftUI: fixed macOS UI (#2516) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • MainThreadMonitor: fixed flakiness in CI (#2517) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • Update fastlane-plugin-revenuecat_internal (#2511) via Cesar de la Vega (@vegaro)
  • Xcode: fixed .storekit file references in schemes (#2505) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • MainThreadMonitor: don't monitor thread if debugger is attached (#2502) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • Purchases: avoid double-log when setting delegate to nil (#2503) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • Integration Tests: added snapshot test for OfferingsResponse (#2499) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • Tests: grouped all Matchers into one file (#2497) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • DeviceCache: refactored cache keys (#2494) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • HTTPClient: log actual response status code (#2487) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • Generate snapshots on CI (#2472) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)
  • Integration Tests: add MainThreadMonitor to ensure main thread is not blocked (#2463) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)
  • Add message indicating tag doesn't exist (#2458) via Cesar de la Vega (@vegaro)

😻 In-App Subscriptions Made Easy 😻

License Version Carthage compatible SwiftPM compatible

RevenueCat is a powerful, reliable, and free to use in-app purchase server with cross-platform support. Our open-source framework provides a backend and a wrapper around StoreKit and Google Play Billing to make implementing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy.

Whether you are building a new app or already have millions of customers, you can use RevenueCat to:

  • Fetch products, make purchases, and check subscription status with our native SDKs.
  • Host and configure products remotely from our dashboard.
  • Analyze the most important metrics for your app business in one place.
  • See customer transaction histories, chart lifetime value, and grant promotional subscriptions.
  • Get notified of real-time events through webhooks.
  • Send enriched purchase events to analytics and attribution tools with our easy integrations.

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RevenueCat is the client for the RevenueCat subscription and purchase tracking system. It's 100% Swift and compatible with Objective-C.

Migrating from Purchases v3

RevenueCat SDK Features

Server-side receipt validation
➡️ Webhooks - enhanced server-to-server communication with events for purchases, renewals, cancellations, and more
🖥 iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS support
🎯 Subscription status tracking - know whether a user is subscribed whether they're on iOS, Android or web
📊 Analytics - automatic calculation of metrics like conversion, mrr, and churn
📝 Online documentation and SDK Reference up to date
🔀 Integrations - over a dozen integrations to easily send purchase data where you need it
💯 Well maintained - frequent releases
📮 Great support - Contact us

Getting Started

For more detailed information, you can view our complete documentation at

Please follow the Quickstart Guide for more information on how to install the SDK.

Or view our iOS sample apps:


  • Xcode 14.0+
Platform Minimum target
iOS 11.0+
tvOS 11.0+
macOS 10.13+
watchOS 6.2+

SDK Reference

Our full SDK reference can be found here.


Contributions are always welcome! To learn how you can contribute, please see the Contributing Guide.


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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