Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for Redis.

What's New

RediStack 1.6.2


SemVer Patch

  • Fix the AsyncStream polyfill for Swift <5.9 by @AntVil in #101


SSWG Sandbox Incubating Badge Documentation MIT License Swift 5.6

RediStack (pronounced like "ready stack") is a non-blocking Swift client for Redis built on top of SwiftNIO.

The GitLab repository is a read-only mirror of the GitHub repository. For issues and pull requests, please visit GitHub.


It communicates over the network using Redis' Redis Seralization Protocol (RESP2).

This library is primarily developed for Redis v5, but is backwards compatible to Redis v3.


To install RediStack, just add the package as a dependency in your Package.swift.

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "1.4.1")

Getting Started

RediStack is quick to use - all you need is an EventLoop from SwiftNIO.

import NIOCore
import NIOPosix
import RediStack

let eventLoop: EventLoop = NIOSingletons.posixEventLoopGroup.any()
let connection = RedisConnection.make(
    configuration: try .init(hostname: ""),
    boundEventLoop: eventLoop

let result = try connection.set("my_key", to: "some value")
    .flatMap { return connection.get("my_key") }

print(result) // Optional("some value")

Note: Use of wait() was used here for simplicity. Never call this method on an eventLoop!


The docs for the latest tagged release are always available at the Swift Package Index.


For bugs or feature requests, file a new issue.


SemVer changes are documented for each release on the releases page.


Check out for more information on how to help with RediStack.


Check out CONTRIBUTORS.txt to see the full list. This list is updated for each release.

Swift on Server Ecosystem

RediStack is part of the Swift on Server Working Group ecosystem - currently recommended as Sandbox Maturity.

Proposal Pitch Discussion Review Vote
SSWG-0004 2019-01-07 2019-04-01 2019-06-09 2019-06-27

Language and Platform Support

Any given release of RediStack will support at least the latest version of Swift on a given platform plus 2 previous versions, at the time of the release.

Major version releases will be scheduled around official Swift releases, taking no longer 3 months from the Swift release.

Major version releases will drop support for any version of Swift older than the last 3 Swift versions.

This policy is to balance the desire for as much backwards compatibility as possible, while also being able to take advantage of new Swift features for the best API design possible.


Apache 2.0

Copyright (c) 2019-present, Nathan Harris (@mordil)

This project contains code written by others not affliated with this project. All copyright claims are reserved by them. For a full list, with their claimed rights, see NOTICE.txt

Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Labs. Any use of their trademark is under the established trademark guidelines and does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them, and all rights are reserved by them.

Swift is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Any use of their trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them, and all rights are reserved by them.


  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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