Swift package and CocoaPod to simply integrate Agora Video Calling or Live Video Streaming to your iOS or macOS app with just a few lines of code.

What's New

4.0.0 Release


Lots of under-the-hood updates, but for developers using this package, it means almost no change at all. These are the things to note:

  • This release uses RTC Engine 4.0.0-r.4 under the hood.
  • The main feature is that this Video UI Kit uses Agora RTC 4.x instead of 3.x
  • 😢 It also uses RTM 1.5.x, as sending images or files over RTM is no longer supported.
  • 📖 API Reference has had a makeover, with the 2022 DocC updates, and including an article. Check out the docs here
  • ➡️ macOS support has moved to VideoUIKit-macOS, due to not being able to host both packages in one repository. Updates will continue on this repository, with changes pulled into the macOS repo.

Agora UIKit for iOS

Instantly integrate Agora in your own application or prototype using iOS. For macOS, see VideoUIKit-macOS.

More information available on this repo's Wiki

Click here for full documentation


Once you have an Agora developer account and an App ID, you're ready to use this package.


Swift Package Manager and CocoaPods are both available offered for installation methods.

The Pod for this package is called AgoraUIKit_iOS and AgoraUIKit_macOS for the two available platforms.

See the Installation wiki page for more information on installing the package.


Once installed, open your application .xcodeproj file. Or .xcworkspace if using CocoaPods.

The main view for Agora UIKit is AgoraVideoViewer. This is an example of a minimal creation that gives you a view similar to the one at the top of this README:

import AgoraRtcKit
import AgoraUIKit

let agoraView = AgoraVideoViewer(
    connectionData: AgoraConnectionData(
        appId: "<#my-app-id#>",
        rtcToken: "<#my-channel-token#>",
        rtmToken: "<#my-channel-rtm-token#>"
    ), delegate: self

Frame your newly created AgoraVideoViewer in the app scene, then join a channel by calling:

agoraView.join(channel: "test", as: .broadcaster)

More examples available on the wiki


For full documentation, see our AgoraUIKit documentation page.

Error Handling and Troubleshooting

For tips on how to overcome some common errors, see the wiki page.



The plan is to grow this library and have similar offerings across all supported platforms. There are already similar libraries for Android, React Native, Flutter and Web React so be sure to check them out.

UML Diagrams

  • AgoraUIKit

UML of AgoraUIKit

  • AgoraRtmControl

UML of AgoraRtmControl

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  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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