SwiftUI NavigationStack for iOS 14 and 15

SwiftUI NavigationStack Backport

NavigationStack for iOS 14 and 15 implemented on top of UINavigationController. Backport just bridges to existing SwiftUI API on iOS 16 or newer.


  • NavigationPath is fully supported including codable representation
  • View.navigationDestination(), View.navigationDestination(isPresented:destination:) and View.navigationDestination(item:destination:)
  • NavigationLink with value
  • for now tested only on iOS

Getting Started

Installation via Swift Package Manager is supported. Use as depedency URL. For more information how to add dependency in Xcode see or add dependency in your Package.swift .package(url: "", from: "1.1.0")

Usage Example

Usage is the same as SwiftUI's NavigationStack on iOS 16, just prefix NavigationStack and other types with NavigationStackBackport. or import exact types from NavigationStackBackport package. For view modifiers introduced in iOS 16 use backport. prefix like .backport.navigationDestination(for: …).

import NavigationStackBackport

struct ContentView: View {
	@State private var navigationPath = NavigationStackBackport.NavigationPath()

	var body: some View {
		NavigationStackBackport.NavigationStack(path: $navigationPath) {
			Button("Push") {
				navigationPath.append("Hello World")
			.backport.navigationDestination(for: String.self) { value in
				Image(systemName: "globe")
					.navigationTitle(value) // use available SwiftUI's modifiers

For more examples see the TestApp within this repository.


  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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