A template based module generator for Swift projects.

What's New

Include hidden files (except .DS_Store)

  • Templates can now contain hidden files (e.g.: .swiftlint.yml)
  • Exclude .DS_Store & .swift-template-ignore files by default
  • Note: you can still exclude other hidden files using the ignore file.

Swift template

A template based generator for Swift projects.


Clone or download the repository & run:

git clone https://github.com/BinaryBirds/swift-template.git
cd swift-template
make install



swift run swift-template-cli --help

Install a new template using a git repository:

swift template install <git-url-of-the-template> [-g]

# install local template
swift template install https://github.com/corekit/viper-module-template

# install global template
swift template install https://github.com/feathercms/feather-module-template -g

Update all templates, both local & global:

swift template update

List available templates:

swift template list

Remove template:

swift template remove [template-name]

Create an empty template project repository:

swift template create [template-name] [-g]

Generate a new module based on a template

swift template generate [name] --use [template-name] --output [path]

# examples
swift template generate MyModule --use viper-module
swift template generate MyModule --use viper-module --output ~/
swift template generate MyModule -u viper-module -o ~/


Templates can be stored locally or globally inside the .swift-template directory. Local templates are being loaded from the current work dir, globals from the home folder. The system will prefer local templates (with the same name) over the global ones.


You can use the following parameters in the templates (even in file names):

  • name - given module name

  • Name - given module name (capitalized first letter)

  • NAME - given module name (uppercased)

  • project - based on .xcodeproj or .xcworkspace name or input name

  • author - based on git config user name

  • date - current date in local short format

eg. {name} -> MyModule


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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