Swift Wrapper for Termbox: A Lightweight TUI Library

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Update to Swift version 5.3. The TerminalPaint example is now part of this project.
Fixed incompatibility with Xcode.

Swift 5.3
Amazon Linux 2
CentOS 8
macOS 11.15
Ubuntu Bionic
Ubuntu Focal

This is a Swift wrapper for termbox.

Both the original C library and a Swift wrapper are included for Swift Package Manager uses. You can import ctermbox to use the original C API, or import Termbox to use the Swift API.

For a quick start, checkout the example paint (swift run paint), a small TUI program built with termbox.

You can read the comments in Sources/Termbox/Termbox.swift for more documentations. There are more demo programs in the C library as well.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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