Google Toolbox for Mac - Session Fetcher

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v3.1.0 Release


What's Changed

  • Update currentOffset from Query Response by @maneesht in #323
  • Use local to avoid arc-repeated-use-of-weak warnings. by @thomasvl in #336
  • Run clang-format -i -style=Google over the sources. by @thomasvl in #335
  • Add API to call callbacks after a cancel by @paulb777 in #328
  • Handle edge case where fetch finishes before cancel completes. by @thomasvl in #337
  • Some comment tweaks for the cancel support. by @thomasvl in #338
  • Version bump for a release. by @thomasvl in #340

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Full Changelog: v3.0.0...v3.1.0

Google Toolbox for Mac - Session Fetcher

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GTMSessionFetcher makes it easy for Cocoa applications to perform http operations. The fetcher is implemented as a wrapper on NSURLSession, so its behavior is asynchronous and uses operating-system settings.

Features include:

  • Simple to build; only one source/header file pair is required
  • Simple to use: takes just two lines of code to fetch a request
  • Supports upload and download sessions
  • Flexible cookie storage
  • Automatic retry on errors, with exponential backoff
  • Support for generating multipart MIME upload streams
  • Easy, convenient logging of http requests and responses
  • Supports plug-in authentication such as with GTMAppAuth
  • Easily testable; self-mocking
  • Automatic rate limiting when created by the GTMSessionFetcherService factory class
  • Fully independent of other projects

To get started please read for detailed information.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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