Exquisite networking package for iOS

What's New

Release 4.0.0


4.0.0 (2023-09-22)


Exquisite networking package for iOS (version >= 13.0)

List of features

  • NetworkXI utilizes fundamental URLSession under the hood
  • NetworkXI exclusively takes advantage of Async/await approach for request making
  • All interactions with NetworkXI are based on protocols, so you can make your own implementations of NetworkSessionInterface, NetworkService
  • NetworkXI provides logger that prints beautifully crafted request/response events into Xcode console
  • NetworkXI provides the opportunity to renew session by updating authorization
  • NetworkXI supports SSL certificate pinning along with default challenge
  • NetworkXI supports easily implemented response mocking
  • NetworkXI supports response caching feature
  • NetworkXI supports separate implementation (WebSocketSessionInterface, WebSocketService) of web-socket message exchange

Example of use

Creating URL list

import NetworkXI

struct HttpbinOrgURL: RequestURLExtensible {

    let path: String
    var host: String { "" }

extension HttpbinOrgURL {

    static let uuid = Self("/uuid")

Describing request

import NetworkXI

class UUIDRequest: NetworkRequest {

    var url: RequestURL { HttpbinOrgURL.uuid }
    var method: RequestMethod { .GET }
    var encoding: RequestContentEncoding { .url }

Making the request

import NetworkXI

// Create session interface and use it across the app
let sessionAdapter = NetworkSessionAdapter()
sessionAdapter.defaultSSLChallengeEnabled = true

// Work with a new instance of network service
let worker = NetworkWorker(sessionInterface: sessionAdapter)

let request = UUIDRequest()
let response = await worker.make(request)

if response.success,
   let body = response.jsonBody,
   let uuidString = body["uuid"] as? String {
    print("UUID: " + uuidString)


NetworkXI is released under the MIT license


  • Swift Tools 5.7.0
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