A swift library for quickly integrating a location search in your app.

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A swift library for quickly integrating a location search in your app.

Installing with cocoapods

pod 'AtlasKit'

Quick start

First start by creating a AtlasKit object with a datasource: Apple, Google or An AtlasKit instance with an apple datasource will try to use Apple Maps to get locations, whereas one with a Google or GetAddress datasource will take an API key when initializing and try to make use of the respective API ( Google Places or GetAddress).

Once you have your instance setup you can begin making search requests, you can do this with or without a delay (for use with textfields that search as you type).

atlasKit.performSearchWithDelay(term, delay: 0.5) { predictions, error in

atlasKit.performSearch(term) { { predictions, error in

You can also cancel all pending searches with;


Search predictions are instances of the AtlasKitPlace object, which consists of; a street address, a city, a postcode, a state, a country, a location (coordinates). Be aware that each of these values are optional and may not always be available.

Warning - this library was only intended to be used for UK locations, as a result the postcode value is not supported outside of the UK.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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