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  • fix: avoid ending spans multiple times by @seemk in #400

OpenTelemetry Protocol Exporter (OTLP)

  • Breaking change OTLP HTTP and GRPC Exporters are now two different libraries to reduce dependencies by @Sherlouk in #399
  • Add user agent on OTLP requests by @kevinearls in #397

Network Instrumentation

  • Fix URLSession instrumentation when using async/await versions in iOS 16 by @nachoBonafonte in #398

Full Changelog: 1.4.1...1.5.0


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A swift OpenTelemetry client


This package includes several libraries. The OpenTelemetryApi library includes protocols and no-op implementations that comprise the OpenTelemetry API following the specification. The OpenTelemetrySdk library is the reference implementation of the API.

Libraries that produce telemetry data should only depend on OpenTelemetryApi, and defer the choice of the SDK to the application developer. Applications may depend on OpenTelemetrySdk or another package that implements the API.

Adding the dependency

opentelemetry-swift is designed for Swift 5. To depend on the opentelemetry-swift package, you need to declare your dependency in your Package.swift:

.package(url: "", from: "1.0.0"),

and to your application/library target, add OpenTelemetryApi or OpenTelemetrySdkto your dependencies, e.g. like this:

.target(name: "ExampleTelemetryProducerApp", dependencies: ["OpenTelemetryApi"]),


.target(name: "ExampleApp", dependencies: ["OpenTelemetrySdk"]),


Official documentation for the library can be found in the official opentelemetry documentation page, including:

Current status


Tracing and Baggage are considered stable

Logs are considered beta quality

Metrics is implemented using an outdated spec, is fully functional but will change in the future

Supported exporters and importers


  • Exporters: Stdout, Jaeger, Zipkin, Datadog and OpenTelemetry (OTLP) collector
  • Importers: OpenTracingShim


  • Exporters: Prometheus, Datadog, and OpenTelemetry (OTLP) collector
  • Importers: SwiftMetricsShim


  • Exporters: OpenTelemetry (OTLP) collector

NOTE: OTLP exporters are supported both in GRPC and HTTP, only GRPC is production ready, HTTP is still experimental

Instrumentation libraries

  • URLSession
  • NetworkStatus
  • SDKResourceExtension
  • SignPostIntegration


The package includes some example projects with basic functionality:

  • Datadog Sample - Shows the Datadog exporter used with a Simple Exporter, showing how to configure for sending.
  • Logging Tracer - Simple api implementation of a Tracer that logs every api call
  • Network Tracer - Shows how to use the URLSessionInstrumentation instrumentation in your application
  • Simple Exporter - Shows the Jaeger an Stdout exporters in action using a MultiSpanExporter. Can be easily modified for other exporters
  • Prometheus Sample - Shows the Prometheus exporter reporting metrics to a Prometheus instance
  • OTLP Exporter - Shows the OTLP exporter reporting traces to Zipkin and metrics to a Prometheus via the otel-collector


  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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