A Swift module for simulating dice both real and unreal

DiceKit tests

A Swift framework for simulating dice both real and unreal.

Documentation: https://samasaur1.github.io/DiceKit/

Swift Version Latest DiceKit version
Below Swift 4 Not supported
Swift 4.0.x v0.15.0
Swift 4.1.x v0.15.0
Swift 4.2.x Latest version
Swift 5.0.x Latest version
Swift 5.1.x Latest version
Swift 5.2.x Latest version
Swift 5.3.x Latest version
Swift 5.4.x Latest version
Swift 5.5.x Latest version
Swift 5.6.x Latest version
Swift 5.7.x Latest version


Add DiceKit to your project using the Swift Package Manager

Roll some dice

import DiceKit

let myDie = Die.d6
let result = myDie.roll()

let myAbilityScore = try! myDie.roll(times: 4, .dropLowest)

let damageRoll = Dice("3d6 + 5")
let probabilityDistribution = damageRoll.probabilities
let mightDoNoDamage = damageRoll.chance(of: ...0) != 0


  • Swift Tools 5.0.0
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