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An OpenGL function loader written in pure swift. To use it, import GL in your swift file.

OpenGL is a function loader which allows you to call OpenGL GPU functions from swift programs. These functions are loaded lazily at runtime by OpenGL. OpenGL also diagnoses invalid OpenGL function calls due to the function not being available on a particular GPU and OpenGL version. OpenGL can load any OpenGL function up to OpenGL 4.5.

OpenGL works on Linux; it’s untested on Mac OSX, but there is no reason it shouldn’t work.


OpenGL provides access to OpenGL functions both with labeled and unlabeled arguments. This can help you avoid common argument ordering bugs.

glClearColor(0.15, 0.15, 0.15, 1)
glClearColor(red: 0.15, green: 0.15, blue: 0.15, alpha: 1)

The function names are the same as the OpenGL C specification, and the argument labels are the same as the parameter names in the C specification, with two exceptions: `in`: has been renamed to input:, and `func`: has been renamed to f: to avoid conflicts with Swift keywords.


OpenGL imports OpenGL constants under the scope GL. Unless doing so would cause the constant’s name to start with a digit, the constant’s redundant GL_ prefix is dropped.


Note: The GL scope is not the same as the module scope which is also called GL. The fully qualified name of an OpenGL enum or an OpenGL type is GL.GL.__symbolname__. The fully qualified name of an OpenGL function is just GL.__functionname__.

All OpenGL constants are of one of the following types: GL.Enum, GL.Bitfield, or GL.UInt64. (Int32, UInt32, or UInt64, respectively.)


OpenGL provides typealias definitions for OpenGL types. The typealiases are given Swifty names, and are also scoped to GL.

var tex_id:GL.UInt = 0
OpenGL C type OpenGL Swift typealias OpenGL Swift type
GLboolean GL.Bool Bool
GLdouble GL.Double Double
GLclampd GL.ClampDouble Double
GLfloat GL.Float Float
GLclampf GL.ClampFloat Float
GLbyte GL.Byte Int8
GLchar GL.Char Int8
GLcharARB GL.CharARB Int8
GLshort GL.Short Int16
GLint GL.Int Int32
GLsizei GL.Size Int32
GLenum GL.Enum Int32
GLfixed GL.Fixed Int32
GLclampx GL.ClampX Int32
GLint64 GL.Int64 Int64
GLint64EXT GL.Int64EXT Int64
GLintptr GL.IntPointer Int
GLintptrARB GL.IntPointerARB Int
GLsizeiptr GL.SizePointer Int
GLsizeiptrARB GL.SizePointerARB Int
GLvdpauSurfaceNV GL.VdpauSurfaceNV Int
GLubyte GL.UByte UInt8
GLushort GL.UShort UInt16
GLhalfNV GL.HalfNV UInt16
GLuint GL.UInt UInt32
GLbitfield GL.Bitfield UInt32
GLuint64 GL.UInt64 UInt64
GLuint64EXT GL.UInt64EXT UInt64
GLhandleARB GL.HandleARB UnsafeMutableRawPointer?
GLeglImageOES GL.EGLImageOES UnsafeMutableRawPointer?
GLsync GL.Sync OpaquePointer?


  • Swift Tools 5.0.0
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