iOS framework to communicate with the SubVT backend.

What's New


  • a17daf4 - Fix actions output deprecation warning.
  • 3b5240a - Make NotificationPeriodType CaseIterable.
  • 52d1253 - Add the new isEnabled field to NotificationType.
  • 4fdbfaa - Improve configurable SSL for service settings.
  • d6679c8 - Fix actions file.
  • 10de043 - Add HTTP/HTTPS scheme selection support into the data-env file.
  • 1b5e0f8 - Add support for the default user notification rule creation endpoint.
  • 0f857d7 - Add more new fields to the validator search summary struct.
  • 8b51a97 - Add validator search endpoint and data structure.

Quality Gate Status

SubVT Data Access for Swift

SubVT (Substrate Validator Toolkit) data access library for Swift.

Please visit the top-level Subvt repository for project information.

Build & Test

  • Rename the file Sources/SubVTData/Resources/data-env-example.json to data-env.json, and edit the file contents with the service host and port details.
  • Run swift test in the root folder to test.
  • Run swift build in the root folder to build.


Swift Package Manager

let package = Package(
    // ...
    dependencies: [
        // ...
            url: "",
            .upToNextMinor(from: "0.3.1")
    targets: [
            name = "YourTarget",
            dependencies: [
                // ...
                .product(name: "SubVTData", package: "subvt-data-swift"),
                // ...
            // ...


Please refer to the tests for information about how to use the report and application REST services, and network status, active/inactive validator list and validator details RPC pub/sub services.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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