Package for public key, ECDSA, and Schnorr on Bitcoin. Apple ( iOS macOS tvOS watchOS ) & linux platform compatibility.

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Full Changelog: 0.3.3...0.3.4

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🔐 secp256k1.swift

Swift library plus bindings for ECDSA signatures and secret/public key operations using libsecp256k1.


Long-term goals are:

  • Lightweight ECDSA functionality
  • APIs modeled after Swift Crypto
  • Up-to-date with future versions of Swift and libsecp256k1
  • Consistent across multiple platforms


import secp256k1

let privateKeyBytes = try! "14E4A74438858920D8A35FB2D88677580B6A2EE9BE4E711AE34EC6B396D87B5C".byteArray()
let privatekey = try! secp256k1.Signing.PrivateKey(rawRepresentation: privateKeyBytes)

print(String(byteArray: privatekey.publicKey.rawRepresentation)) //  02734b3511150a60fc8cac329cd5ff804555728740f2f2e98bc4242135ef5d5e4e

let messageData = "Hello World!".data(using: .utf8)!
let signature = try! privateKey.signature(for: messageData)

print(try! signature.derRepresentation().base64EncodedString()) //  MEUCID8JELjY/ua6MSRKh/VtO7q2YAgpPOfqlwi05Lj/gC1jAiEAiJ1r82jIVc9G/2kooLnzIbg04ky/leocdLn9XE1LvwI=

Getting Started

In your Package.swift:

        name: "secp256k1",
        url: "",
        .upToNextMajor(from: "0.3.4")


These APIs should not be considered stable and may change at any time. libsecp256k1 is still experimental and has not been formally released.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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