Swift library to work with llama and other large language models.


LLMFarm_core swift library to work with large language models (LLM). It allows you to load different LLMs with certain parameters.
Based on ggml and llama.cpp by Georgi Gerganov.

Also used sources from:


  • MacOS (13+)
  • iOS (16+)
  • Various inferences
  • Various sampling methods
  • Metal (dont work on intel Mac)
  • Model setting templates
  • LoRA adapters support (read more)
  • LoRA train support
  • LoRA export as model support
  • Restore context state (now only chat history)


Sampling methods


git clone https://github.com/guinmoon/llmfarm_core.swift

Swift Package Manager

Add llmfarm_core to your project using Xcode (File > Add Packages...) or by adding it to your project's Package.swift file:

dependencies: [
  .package(url: "https://github.com/guinmoon/llmfarm_core.swift")

Build and Debug

To Debug llmfarm_core package, do not forget to comment .unsafeFlags(["-Ofast"]) in Package.swift. Don't forget that the debug version is slower than the release version.

To build with QKK_64 support uncomment .unsafeFlags(["-DGGML_QKK_64"]) in Package.swift.


Example generate output from a prompt

import Foundation
import llmfarm_core

let maxOutputLength = 256
var total_output = 0

func mainCallback(_ str: String, _ time: Double) -> Bool {
    print("\(str)",terminator: "")
    total_output += str.count
        return true
    return false

var input_text = "State the meaning of life."

let ai = AI(_modelPath: "llama-2-7b.q4_K_M.gguf",_chatName: "chat")
var params:ModelContextParams = .default
params.use_metal = true

try? ai.loadModel(ModelInference.LLama_gguf,contextParams: params)
ai.model.promptFormat = .LLaMa

let output = try? ai.model.predict(input_text, mainCallback)

Projects based on this library

App to run LLaMA and other large language models locally on iOS and MacOS.


  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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