A tool which helps you diff xcodeproj files.

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  • Bump Xcode to 14.2 (#123)
  • Bump version to 0.10.0 (#120)
  • Fix brew install (#121)
  • Bump Swiftformat to 0.50.3 (#116)
  • Bump Swiftlint to 0.49.1 (#117)
  • Fix brew install warning (#118)
  • Bump Xcode to 14.1 (#115)
  • Fix lint error
  • Update swift-tools-support-core and modernize Package.swift syntax (#114) (thanks @technocidal)

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xcdiff is an extensible tool that finds differences between two .xcodeproj project files. It can be thought of as git diff for .xcodeproj files, which can be used directly from the command line as well as a library supporting your own set of tools.

How to use xcdiff

Running the command xcdiff in your project directory will search for two .xcodeproj files in this directory and use all of xcdiff's comparators on the projects (e.g. targets, sources and headers).

You can also specify two particular projects for xcdiff to compare.

xcdiff -p1 OriginalProject.xcodeproj -p2 GeneratedProject.xcodeproj

Here is an example output:

xcdiff demo

To see a detailed report of differences you can specify the --verbose (-v) option.

xcdiff -p1 OriginalProject.xcodeproj -p2 GeneratedProject.xcodeproj -v

xcdiff demo -v

Use Cases

  • When adopting project generation (e.g. using tools like XcodeGen or Tuist), comparing the generated xcodeproj files against the original ones can help boost confidence in the migration process.
  • Probably a few more we haven't thought of yet!...




All improvements to xcdiff are very welcome!

If you see an issue that you would like to see fixed, the best way to make it happen is to help out by submitting a Pull Request implementing it. Before sending a Pull Request, please make sure you read our Contribution Guidelines. Information in Development Documentation can help you to set up your local development environment.

We also welcome Issue Reports. Be sure to choose the proper issue template for your issue, so that all necessary details are provided.


We would like to thank the authors and contributors of the following projects:

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This project has adopted a Code of Conduct. If you have any concerns about the Code, or behavior which you have experienced in the project, please contact us at opensource@bloomberg.net.

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Please do NOT open an issue in the GitHub repository, as we'd prefer to keep vulnerability reports private until we've had an opportunity to review and address them.


xcdiff is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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