A cross-platform SwiftUI-like UI framework built on SwiftGtk.


A SwiftUI-like framework for creating cross-platform apps in Swift. It uses SwiftGtk as its backend.

This package is still quite a work-in-progress so don't expect it to be very useful or stable yet.

NOTE: SwiftCrossUI does not attempt to replicate SwiftUI's API because SwiftCrossUI is intended to be simpler than SwiftUI. However, many concepts from SwiftUI should still be transferrable.


Here's a simple example app demonstrate how easy it is to get started with SwiftCrossUI:

import SwiftCrossUI

class CounterState: AppState {
    @Observed var count = 0

struct CounterApp: App {
    let identifier = "dev.stackotter.CounterApp"
    let state = CounterState()
    let windowProperties = WindowProperties(title: "CounterApp")
    var body: some ViewContent {
        HStack {
            Button("-") { state.count -= 1 }
            Text("Count: \(state.count)")
            Button("+") { state.count += 1 }

To run this example, run these commands:

git clone https://github.com/stackotter/swift-cross-ui
cd swift-cross-ui
swift run CounterExample

To see all of the examples, run these commands:

swift run CounterExample
swift run RandomNumberGeneratorExample
swift run WindowPropertiesExample


Here's the documentation site. Keep in mind that the project is still very much a work-in-progress, proper documentation and tutorials will be created once the project has matured a bit, because otherwise I have to spend too much time keeping the documentation up-to-date.


  1. Swift 5.5 or higher
  2. Gtk+ 3
  3. clang (only required on Linux)

macOS: Installing Gtk+ 3

Install Gtk+ 3 using homebrew or the package manager of your choice.

brew install gtk+3

Linux: Installing Gtk+ 3 and clang

Install Gtk+3 and Clang using apt or the package manager of your choice.

sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev clang


Just add SwiftCrossUI as a dependency in your Package.swift. See below for an example package manifest:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
  name: "Example",
  dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/stackotter/swift-cross-ui", .branch("main"))
  targets: [
      name: "Example",
      dependencies: [
        .product(name: "SwiftCrossUI", package: "swift-cross-ui")


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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