A SwiftUI Views for wrapping HStack elements into multiple lines

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Release 1.1.0


Line breaking logic fixed

SwiftUI WrappingStack

Swift 5.3 Xcode 12.5 iOS 9.0 iPadOS 9.0 MacOS 10.10 Build & Test

A SwiftUI Views for wrapping HStack elements into multiple lines.

List of supported views

  • WrappingHStack - provides HStack that supports line wrapping

How to use

Step 1

Add a dependency using Swift Package Manager to your project: https://github.com/diniska/swiftui-wrapping-stack

Step 2

Import the dependency

import WrappingStack

Step 3

Replace HStack with WrappingHStack in your view structure. It is compatible with ForEach.

struct MyView: View {

    let elements = ["Cat 🐱", "Dog 🐶", "Sun 🌞", "Moon 🌕", "Tree 🌳"]
    var body: some View {
        WrappingHStack(id: \.self) { // use the same id is in the `ForEach` below
            ForEach(elements, id: \.self) { element in
        .frame(width: 300) // limiting the width for demo purpose. This line is not needed in real code

The result of the code above:

WrappingHStack for macOS


Customize appearance using the next parameters. All the default SwiftUI modifiers can be applied as well.

WrappingHStack parameters

Parameter name Description
alignment horizontal and vertical alignment. .center is used by default. Vertical alignment is applied to every row
horizontalSpacing horizontal spacing between elements
verticalSpacing vertical spacing between the lines

Performance considerations

The code written in a way to cache the elements representing views sizes, it doesn't re-calculate the size for different views with the same id.

  • huge numbers of elements are not recommended, although the same applies to HStack where LazyHStack is a better alternative for the long rows. If you have a large number of elements - double-check the memory and performance on a real device
  • it is pretty good in terms of CPU consumption as every element calculates its size only once.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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