Swift friendly SMJobBless implementation with excellent error messages

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With this release, the purpose of Blessed has narrowed to exclusively be about providing an excellent Swift wrapper around SMJobBless.

Breaking changes

This is a significantly breaking release, if you do not want to update your app at this time consider using 0.5.0 instead.

  • All authorization related functionality has been removed from this package and now lives in the Authorized package which has become a dependency of this package. All functionality has been fully preserved and no changes have been made to the public API.
  • Login item functionality (SMLoginItemSetEnabled) has been removed. There was minimal benefit to using this package's Swift wrapper for it, so you're recommend to use Apple's API directly.

Leverage SMJobBless functionality with just one function call:

let message = "Example App needs your permission to do thingamajig."
let icon = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "bless", withExtension: "png")
try PrivilegedHelperManager.shared.authorizeAndBless(message: message, icon: icon)

Both the message and icon parameters are optional. Defaults will be provided by macOS if they are not specified.

On macOS 10.15 and later this functionality is also available as an async variant which will not block while waiting for a user to grant (or decline) authorization.


One of the most challenging aspects of using SMJobBless is that when it fails, it can be very hard to determine why. To assist your debugging of such situations, this package throws a BlessError which provides a detailed explanation for each bless requirement which was not met. For example:

[BlessError] This application did not meet any of the bundled helper tool's code signing requirements:
and {false}
|--and {false}
|  |--and {false}
|  |  |--identifier "com.example.SwiftClient" {false}¹
|  |  \--anchor apple generic {true}
|  \--certificate leaf[subject.CN] = "Apple Development: Johnny Appleseed (U33GZ847WW)" {false}²
\--certificate 1[field.1.2.840.113635.] {true}

Constraints not satisfied:
1. Identifiers did not match. Expected: com.example.SwiftClient Actual: com.example.SwiftJobBlessClient
2. Apple Development: Tim Apple (U33ZG847WW) is not equal to expected value Apple Development: Johnny Appleseed (U33GZ847WW)

Underlying error: Error Domain=CFErrorDomainLaunchd Code=4 "(null)"

To see a runnable sample app using this framework, check out SwiftAuthorizationSample which also makes use of SecureXPC for secure interprocess communication.

macOS 13 and later

Starting with macOS 13, Apple recommends you use SMAppService instead to register a LaunchDaemon.

Advanced Use Cases

If you have a need to seperately obtain authorization and then bless, you'll want to make direct use of the Authorized package (which is one of Blessed's depedendencies)to create an Authorization instance and then pass it to the PrivilegedHelperManager/bless(label:authorization:) function.


Blessing is not available to sandboxed processes because of privilege escalation. If you need to determine at run time if your process is sandboxed, this package adds a property to ProcessInfo: ProcessInfo.processInfo.isSandboxed.


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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Last updated: Wed Nov 16 2022 07:43:35 GMT-0500 (GMT-05:00)