QA assistant for a SwiftUI app: change the color scheme, accessibility settings, and localization on the fly!

SwiftUI Environment Overrides

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A tiny library that adds a control panel for testing how SwiftUI app adapts for different color themes, accessibility settings, and localizations.

Make your QA team happy!

Inspired by "Environment Overrides" pane in Xcode, but allows to QA the actual running app instead of the preview in Xcode.

Supported settings that you can toggle on the fly:

You can quickly take screenshots in different languages for iTunes Connect (the panel hides itself).

Attach the control panel with just one line of code:


Integration with Swift Package Manager:

  1. In Xcode select File ⭢ Swift Packages ⭢ Add Package Dependency...
  2. Copy-paste repository URL: https://github.com/nalexn/EnvironmentOverrides
  3. Hit Next two times
  4. Hit Finish


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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Last updated: Wed Feb 28 2024 12:53:54 GMT-1000 (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)