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v1.0.9 | Code Syntax


Add support for code syntax highlighting in the code editor, to include language support for:

  • usd
  • c
  • cpp
  • jsdoc
  • json
  • python
  • rust
  • swift
  • toml

syntax on.

The free and open source metaversal creation suite.

Experience the future of computer graphics development by cloning this repository and running the following command in your terminal, ensure the -p switch matches your platform (ex. linux, visionOS):
swift package --disable-sandbox plugin bundler run -p macOS Kraken

Home of the Kraken, the free and open source metaversal creation suite redefining animation composition, collaborative workflows, simulation engines, skeletal rigging systems, and look development from storyboard to final render.

Built on the underlying software architecture provided by Pixar, and extended to meet the ever-growing needs of both artists and production pipelines. It is with this strong core foundation, that we may begin to solve the most challenging issues the world of modern graphics demands, and push the framework for composition & design into the future.



We recommend installing the bundler locally by running the following commands in your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/stackotter/swift-bundler
cd swift-bundler

swift build -c release
sudo cp .build/release/swift-bundler /usr/local/bin/

Finally, to run Kraken or any other app (such as your own!) with the bundler installed locally instead, run the following command:

swift bundler run

We speak in pixel, and we come in peace.
Kraken uses the GNU General Public License, which describes the rights to distribute or change the code. Apart from the GNU GPL, Kraken is not available under other licenses.


  • Swift Tools 5.10.0
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