Plaid Link iOS SDK

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LinkKit 3.0.0




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Xcode >= 13.0
iOS >= 11.0


  • This version of LinKit was built & validated on an Xcode 13 toolchain

Plaid Link for iOS version swift compatibility

📱 This repository contains multiple sample applications for (requiring Xcode 11) that demonstrates integration and use of Plaid Link for iOS.

📚 Detailed instructions on how to integrate with Plaid Link for iOS can be found in our main documentation at

⚠️ iOS Link SDK versions prior to 2.2.2 (released October 2021) will no longer work with the Plaid API as of November 1, 2022. If you are using a version of the iOS Link SDK earlier than 2.2.2, you must upgrade to version 2.2.2 or later before November 1, 2022. For details on how to migrate from LinkKit 1.x to LinkKit 2.x please review the Link Migration Guide.

1️⃣ The previous major version of LinkKit can be found on the main-v1 branch.

About the LinkDemo Xcode projects

Plaid Link can be used for different use-cases and the sample applications demonstrate how to use Plaid Link for iOS for each use-case. For clarity between the different use cases each use case specific example showing how to integrate Plaid Link for iOS is implemented in a Swift extension.

Before building and running the sample application replace any Xcode placeholder strings (like <#GENERATED_LINK_TOKEN#>) in the code with the appropriate value so that Plaid Link is configured properly. For convenience the Xcode placeholder strings are also marked as compile-time warnings.

Select your desired use-case in ViewController.didTapButton then build and run the demo application to experience the particular Link flow for yourself.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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