The Discord API implementation behind Swiftcord, implemented completely from scratch in Swift



The Discord API implementation that powers Swiftcord, a native Discord client for macOS also written in Swift.

A (mainly) fully functional Discord API library written from scratch fully in Swift! Currently only supports user accounts, bot support coming soon. Check out the bot-support branch and #18 for a quick peep into what we've been up to ;D

If you like DiscordKit, please give it a star, or consider sponsoring! It helps motivate me to continue developing it


WIP Developer Documentation is available here.

Platform Support

Currently, DiscordKit only offically supports macOS versions 12 and up. Theoretically, You should be able to compile and use DiscordKit on i(Pad)OS/tvOS, however this has not been tested and is considered an unsupported setup.

Linux and Windows is not supported at the moment, due to our reliance on Apple's Security and SystemConfiguration frameworks. We have not blocked building DiscordKit on Linux and Windows in the event that support for those frameworks is added in the future. We may rework the code to add support for linux/windows in the future.

Adding DiscordKit to your project


Add the following to your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/SwiftcordApp/DiscordKit", branch: "main"),

Currently, DiscordKit is in alpha, so it's recommended to use the latest commit on the main branch.


  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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