#️⃣ Convert hex strings to NSColor or UIColor

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Improved the callsite of the public functions by removing the argument labels.

This is technically a breaking change but since the repo has just been created, there is no risk of anybody migrating from 1.0.0.

#️⃣ HexColor

HexColor is a small library that converts colors from hex notation (e.g. #eb5e34) to the commonly used standard color objects NSColor (for macOS) or UIColor (for iOS, tvOS and watchOS).


Call the static function fromHexString on NSColor and pass a string containing a hex color value:

let color = NSColor.fromHexString("#eb5e34") ?? .white

The function returns an NSColor object.

Invalid hex color codes will result in nil. You can use the ?? syntax to default to another color in that case.

The # character in the hex string is optional and can be omitted:

let color = NSColor.fromHexString("eb5e34")

The shorthand 3 digit notation can be used, too:

let color = NSColor.fromHexString("e53") // same hex color code as "ee5533"

The alpha channel is taken from the hex string, if available:

let color = NSColor.fromHexString("eb5e34cc") // the "cc" will convert to the alpha value 0.8

If not available, it is assumed to be "ff" and the alpha value will be 1.

The alpha value can be set explicitly. In this case, the alpha part from the hex string is ignored:

let color = NSColor.fromHexString("eb5e34cc", alpha: 0.5) // ignores "cc" and uses alpha value 0.5

You can convert to UIColor with the same code that is provided for NSColor:

let color = UIColor.fromHexString("#eb5e34") ?? .white

If you need the colors to be converted to more general structures, you can use the functions defined in the HexColor struct (needs import HexColor):

let integer = HexColor.intFromHexString("#eb5e34") //returns the integer value 0xeb5e34ff
let (r, g, b, a) = HexColor.rgbaFromInt(0xeb5e34ff) //returns a tuple containing the (red, green, blue, alpha) CGFloat color components 


Swift Package Manager

This library is a Swift Module and can be used as a dependency in the Package.swift file:

.package(url: "https://github.com/WilhelmOks/HexColor.git", from: "1.0.0")

import HexNSColor on macOS or import HexUIColor on iOS/tvOS/watchOS.

Copy Source Files

Alternatively, you can simply copy the source files into your project.

You need the file Sources/HexColor/HexColor.swift.

And additionally Sources/HexNSColor/NSColorExtensions.swift for macOS or Sources/HexUIColor/UIColorExtensions.swift for iOS/tvOS/watchOS.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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