File Metadata & File Query similar to Spotlight

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MetadataItem & MetadataQuery

File Metadata and File Query similar to Spotlight.

Take a look at the included sample app.

For a full documentation take a look at the Online Documentation.


MetadataItem lets you access the metadata of a file.

let videoFile = URL(filePathWithString: pathToFile)

if let metadata = videoFile.metadata {
    metadata.duration // video duration
    metadata.lastUsedDate // last usage date
    metadata.pixelSize // video pixel size


A file query that provides:

  • Blazing fast search of files simliar to Spotlight by predicate and attributes like file name, file size, last used date, video duration, etc.
  • Blazing fast query of attributes for large batches of files.
  • Monitoring of files and directories for updates to the search results.

Searching for files by location & predicate

The results handler gets called whenever new files meet the specified predicate at the search locations.

The predicate is constructed by comparing MetadataItem properties to values using operators and functions.

let query = MetadataQuery()

// Searches for files at the downloads and documents directory
query.searchLocations = [.downloadsDirectory, .documentsDirectory]

// Image & videos files, added this week, large than 10mb
query.predicate = { 
    $0.fileTypes(.image, .video) && 
    $0.addedDate.isThisWeek && 
    $0.fileSize.megabytes >= 10 

query.resultsHandler = { files, _ in
// found files

Query of file attributes

MetadataQuery provides blazing fast query of attributes for large batches of files. Fetching attributes for thousands of files often takes less than a second.

// URLs for querying of attributes
query.urls = videoFileURLs

// Attributes to query
query.attributes = [.pixelSize, .duration, .fileSize, .creationDate]

query.resultsHandler = { files, _ in  
    for file in files {
    // file.pixelSize, file.duration, file.fileSize, file.creationDate

Monitoring of files & directories

MetadataQuery can monitor for changes to search results & queried attributes. It calls the completionHandler whenever changes happen.

To enable monitoring use enableMonitoring().

// Files that are screenshots
query.predicate = { $0.isScreenCapture }

// Searches everywhere on the local file system
query.searchScopes = [.local]

// Enables monitoring. Whenever a new screenshot gets captures the results handler gets called

query.resultsHandler = { files, _ in
    for file in files {
    // screenshot files


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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