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Resource Storage

The first release of MediaManager! Be sure to checkout the README.

Handles resource storage for multiple services at a time, such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and BackBlaze B2 (coming soon).


MediaManager is a micro-service written in Vapor, a server-side Swift framework. It works as an interface for media storage APIs such as Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

Note: MediaManager has Amazon S3 implemented by default. This can be removed if desired.


After forking and cloning the repo, you can configure the various services used for storing resources. MediaManager already has Amazon S3 configured, so you can follow it, but here is an outline of what you need to do:

  1. Install the storage client package for the service you wish to use. A list of available services can be found here.

  2. For cleanness sake, create a new file in the Sources/App/Configuration directory for the service you are using.

  3. Add a function to your new file that will take in an inout Services and StorageControllerCache instances.

  4. In the function you create, register the required services used by the storage service. Then add the storage service itself to the cache:

    cache.register(storage: Storage.self, slug: "storage")

    Note: The slug value will be used to construct a controller's routes.

  5. In the configuration.swift file, add a call to your function, passing in the Services and StorageControllerCache instance.

    let cache = StorageControllerCache()
    try storage(&services, cache: cache) // <== Add line

That's it! The storage service is now available through the MediaManager API.

Storage Services


The routes for the MediaManager are all under the /*/media-manager path. Each service is registered under the slug that it configured with, /*/media-manager/s3 for example.

Each service has 4 routes:

  • POST /*/media-manager/<slug>/

    Stores the new file under the service in the URL.

    Parameter Description
    filename The relative directory and name for the file
    data The contents of the file
  • GET /*/media-manager/<slug>/...

    Fetches the contents of a file under the given directory and filename in the URL suffix.

  • PUT /*/media-manager/<slug>/...

    Replaces the contents of a file under the given directory and filename in the URL suffix.

    Parameter Description
    data The new contents of the file
  • DELETE /*/media-manager/<slug>/...

    Deletes the file


The MediaManager service is under the MIT license agreement.


  • Swift Tools 4.2.0
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